NMWN Meeting January 16, 2013: A Few Words from Rita:

 NVWN members ushered in 2013 at their January 16 meeting at Schlow Library by, appropriately, voicing their resolutions to commit to or recommit to their writing during the upcoming year. Program Chair Cindy Simmons guided the discussion as members shared their resolutions to spend more time writing in order to finish chapters, essays, or books by the year’s end. Just as, if not even more importantly, participants offered helpful suggestions that people might use to achieve their goals:

  1. write something every day
  2. treat writing as exercise by making it part of a daily routine
  3. change the venue in which one writes
  4. dedicate one’s book before completion so that the dedicatee inspires continued writing.

The meeting wrapped up with an activity that encouraged member interaction when Cindy directed each attendee to walk like a duck and partner with both a familiar and unfamiliar member to discuss further the resolutions (not that our loquacious group needed much encouragement in this regard!) So attendees waddled around the Downsborough Community Room, several finding “buddies” who agreed to support them in their resolution keeping. One member even gained a “writing muse” to encourage her in a memoir project that she plans to gift to relatives next holiday season.