The Nittany Valley Writers Network is planning an all day writers workshop, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 28, 2012 at Schlow Library. We will keep the cost very affordable, and the workshop will raise funds for Schlow Memorial Library.

We need your feedback to plan the program. What topics interest you from the list below?

Please reply to Karen Dabney ( indicating all of the topics on the list below that you’d be interested in hearing, by placing a “1” beside them. If you are especially interested in a topic and wish to let us know, you could indicate this with a 1* (one + asterisk).

C. Hope Clark will be holding an NVWN workshop next spring

The speaker will be C. Hope Clark, a freelance writer and author who writes the Funds For Writers newsletters, which has been one of the Writers Digest 101 Best Web Sites for Writers for the last ten years. She is the author of The Shy Writer – An Introvert’s Guide to Writing Success, and the first book in her Caroline Slade mystery series will be published in February 2012. Hope is a frequent speaker at writers conferences, and one of her funding workshops is available on-line through Writers Digest. For more information, see below.

Thank you for your assistance with planning the program!

Topics Hope not only offers topics about grants, platform, contests, and funding streams to make a career a reality, but her Carolina Slade mystery series will be released in early 2012, opening more subjects like finding an agent, traditional book publishing, and how to create a series.

* Funding Streams for your Freelance Career (**the favorite)
* How Grants Work for the Children’s Writer
* Grants and Just Grants – the Free Money Everybody Wants
* Contests – Opportunity in Disguise
* The Shy Writer – An Introvert’s Guide to Writing Success
* Yes, You Can Write Fiction and Nonfiction
* What is Platform and Why Do You Need It?
* Magazines – Breaking In and Finding the Ideas
* Freelance Writing
* Nail That Elusive Agent and Dealing With a Publisher
* Marketing a Book (Includes Platform)
* The Story of Carolina Slade, a Mystery Becomes Reality (How to write a mystery)

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