Beverly Molnar has been a volunteer for the NVWN working on publicity for a number of years now, but she has recently found that she has to scale back her involvement. Over the years, she has been an invaluable part of the team.

Beverly is well known to the local community as she works as a writer, editor and communications specialist at Penn State University. She is also renowned for her voluntary work, and she ceaselessly offers help and support to various organisations in the Nittany Valley.

Sally Driscoll, the current Programming Director, described Bev as: “one of the threads that held this organization together over the past several years. She was always reeling in new members with her press releases, announcements, and reminders.  We thank Bev especially for maintaining the email list and setting up the Yahoo group. We wish her luck with her writing career and will provide room for her volunteerism when she is ready to return to the NVWN.”

Karen Dabney,  the NVWN Critique Groups Coordinator added: “Bev’s done a wonderful job of keeping all of us informed. I really appreciate all she’s done for NVWN!”