another day’s done;

caught between the confines

of capitalism & swine flu

well, its a very public private sphere

if you ask me.

hell-bent to appreciate

but can never fully articulate

“before you can join the struggle, you have to recognize that there is one.”

a series of truths,

but no absolutes.

went skinny dipping in a pool of last night’s filth

a book on buddhism at the side of the bed


“atheism never looked so cool.

virginia thought so, anyway.

i’d be lying if i said

it wasn’t about the aesthetics

just as i’d be lying to say i didn’t

hate sean

for threatening to kill the girl with a hunchback

who never did a thing to him

or to anyone, for that matter.

porch poetry disrupts another

half-hearted attempt at academia

hard pressed for time,

but why stop the wine when it’s flowing

and why stop the pipe

when you’re not ready to stop blowing?